Executive Functioning with Sarah Ward
April 7th, 2016
Sarah Ward

The Parent Connection was pleased to welcome speech and language pathologist Sara Ward back to the Duxbury Performing Arts Center for two presentations on executive function skills.  The first presentation focused on preschool – grade 5 children.  The addressed the needs of middle and high school students.  Parents and educators are encouraged to attend.

Executive function skills are the core set of cognitive skills required for planning, completing and evaluating the completion of tasks, as well as overseeing communication exchanges. These cognitive skills are typically divided into lower level skills (behavior, attention, motivation and emotion regulation) and higher-level skills (planning, organizing, monitoring, reasoning, problem solving and flexibility).

Sara Ward is a licensed speech and language pathologist and co-director of Cognitive Connections, a professional practice providing evaluation, clinical therapy and education.  She is a member of the faculty of Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions. Her primary area of interest is executive function deficit.

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