Dr. Sharon Maxwell Discussed Protecting Family Values in a Digital Age
February 6th, 2019

On Thursday, Oct 25 we had a discussion with Dr. Sharon Maxwell, the author of Who’s Raising Our Kids – Nurturing Human Values in a Digital World, on how our families can use technology to enhance our lives without allowing it to undermine family values.

From smartphones to game consoles, from texting to Snapchat, technology provides our children many new ways to communicate with each other. This digital environment is changing the way our children socialize and communicate with their peers, families, teachers and employers and is having a profound impact on how our children behave and think about themselves.

Dr. Sharon Maxwell is a clinical psychologist in private practice, an author, a speaker, and a consultant. But most importantly she is a mom who is passionate about the health and well being of children and families.

This event was co-sponsored by The Parent Connection and Duxbury FACTS.