Help for sensitive children (and their parents)
January 16th, 2018

On Wednesday, December 14, Kathleen Ellen, a therapist from South Shore Therapies, spoke with parents about how to help a sensitive child navigate the holidays…and every day!

Ask yourself these questions to know if your child may be struggling with a form of Sensory Processing Disorder:

  • Are chaotic gatherings difficult for your child?
  • Do crowded areas bother her to the point of frequent public meltdowns?
  • Does he avoid being touched or can’t be touched enough?
  • Will she eat only one or two familiar foods?
  • Does he cover his ears when the same noises don’t bother others?
  • Does she refuse to wear certain clothes or put her hands in anything messy such as glue, clay, or mud?
  • Does he have trouble with balance, uneasiness with movement, or poor fine or gross motor skills?

Parents came to this informational workshop lead by Kathleen Ellen, MS OTR/L of South Shore Therapies, to learn about common issues, adaptations, and solutions for Sensory Processing Disorder (including how to make it through the holidays!)

This informational and interactive overview helped parents identify sensory integration dysfunction in children, adolescents, and adults.  Topics of discussion included:
• Challenges of sensory integration dysfunction and environmental adaptations to enhance performance in daily life activities
• Challenges of the upcoming holiday season
• Development of practical solutions for coping with this busy and chaotic time
• Typical stressors and strategies for creating workable structures and accommodations for family gatherings, shopping trips, etc.

About South Shore Therapies:  Since 2004 South Shore Therapies has proudly provided high-quality occupational therapy services to the South Shore of Massachusetts and Cape Cod.  Over time, South Shore Therapies’ services, staff, and facilities have grown to cover Speech Therapy, Sensory Integration, Listening & Feeding Therapy as well.

About Kathleen Ellen, MS OTR/L:  Kathleen Ellen, MS OTR/L is a therapist at South Shore Therapies in Weymouth & Canton. Kathleen is a graduate of Quinnipiac University’s Master of Occupational Therapy program. She was previously the Program Director at a year-round therapeutic recreation facility for children and adolescents with special needs. Kathleen has experience working with a variety of diagnoses including anxiety, ADHD, emotional/behavioral challenges, autism spectrum disorders, and other developmental delays.